Easy Swaps to Reduce your Plastic Waste

Hi, Bunnies! as many of our followers probably know, We went plastic & Glass free on our products and Post & Packing. As a New Year resolution, for the Business, and my personal life I decided I wanted to join the Zero Waste movement. 

Starting in January 2018, so far I have reduced two times my plastic/glass impact. Once you start realising the consequences our oceans are suffering and how easy it is for you to help, the self-learning cycle start. I promise you will feel happier every day and in syntony with nature. After all, your body will prefer a natural Pineapple than a plastic packed one!

Here some tips you could implement into your everyday routine. You can go as far as your heart wants to go. Hopefully, these will be the starting points for you:

1. Doing your own Milk.Oat Milk can be done in 2min, its easy, cheap and delicious.  You only need a milk strainer bag. You could also make Nut or Rice Milk, it's so easy and rewarding. ByeBye heavy grocery shopping and hello to cheap healthy milk alternatives. 

2. Get a Water Bottle to take your own water everywhere. You don't need to spend a fortune, you could use a plastic Water bottle you still have around or you can buy yourself a cute one. I personally love this bamboo bottle as it will remind you why are you having the bottle in the first place, bye bye plastic!

3. Buy loose Fruits & Vegetables  instead of packed these are usually cheaper as well and you will

4. Carry a tote bag with you all the time. I have realised how many plastic bags I was getting on my shopping just for not carrying a little bag with me, Btw the supermarket ones would probably break before you can reuse them. If you do online grocery shopping, choose the option "no carrier bags" so they will avoid packing with plastic bags.

5. Buy Frozen Berries in the UK, fresh berries and grapes come in plastic containers, this is different in other countries where you can choose your own loose pieces. Even though frozen berries are packed in plastic bags, the impact is smaller for a bag of 500gm of fruit than for a whole plastic container having only 100gm. Probably you will pay the same for 100gm of fresh fruit than for 500gm of the frozen ones. Life changer!

6. Slice your own Pineapple and mangoes, these will last longer and bye bye plastic. If you have the time and love smoothies, you could freeze your own fruits on Tupperware instead of buying the smoothie bags. 

7. Change your toothbrush now you can find thousands of bamboo options. Mine is from the Zero Waste Club

8. Consider Zero Waste Supermarkets some pioneers in the area are packing your groceries plastic free! Zero Waste Club is just starting to supply Organic groceries free from waste guilt. By Next Year, Iceland will go Plastic-free on their own supermarket brands. 

9. Choose the right Sandwich I know there aren't many Vegan Options in the supermarkets and coffee shops but choosing the sandwiches served in cardboard boxes instead of the plastic bags or plastic pots will be helping a lot. 

10. Choose Vitacoco if you are going for a coconut water or a soft drink out, choose Tetra (cardboard) over plastic presentations. 

11. Tap Water vs Bottled Water, if you are a fan of Sparkling water just like me, try to have these as a treat, and start drinking tap water instead.  Also, if you are buying sparkling water for your house, buy the bigger bottles instead of small presentations to reduce plastic.