Biodegradable P&P

As you may already know, we care about the environment & try to reduce our  impact in the earth's health. That’s the reason why on December 2017 we started using biodegradable & Recyclabe materials on our products, Packing & posting. We are constantly learning & improving, because Pandas & sea turtles desserve it.  

- Your Candle Jar: we now use tins on each one of our candles. Tin candles, not only are safer than glass jars candles, glass jars take longer to decompost & if they break, you can't recycle them. An amazing fact about our new tins, they look beautiful at home & you can re-use them as storage & organizers. 

- Your Posting Label is Ink Free & Thermal 

- Your recyclable cardboard Box is acid & ink free 

- Our Coupon codes are printed on vegetable ink. Yay!

- The Shredded paper protecting your goodies is acid free, biodegradable & recyclable

- The Confetti making your order cute as a baby is made with acid free biodegradable tissue paper 

- The tissue paper convering your new amazing candles is acid free & Biodegradable as well

If you have any recommendations on how can we improve our P&P let us know, it will make us Smile & help us on the path to become an ethical company reducing it's impact in the world!