Biodegradable P&P

As you may know, we try to reduce our  impact in the world as much as we can. That’s why on December 2017 we started using biodegradable & Recyclable materials on our products, Packing & posting. Pandas & Sea turtles deserve it.  

What can you expect from our Post & Packing? 

- Ink Free & Thermal Posting Labels

- Recyclable cardboard Boxes, free from acid & ink 

- Business cards locally printed with vegetable ink on recycled/recyclable paper

- Shredded paper acid free & biodegradable. Made in house up cycling supply boxes.

- Biodegradable confetti 

- Acid free & Biodegradable tissue paper

- Compostable glassine bags

If you have any recommendations to help us improve our P&P, Send us an email & bright up our day. We love to improve ourselves!