Biodegradable Packaging

Hi, Bunnies. It's been a couple of years since we went plastic free. Back in 2016, we were asked by many bunnies to ship their parcels without plastic. It was really hard cause our candles were made in glass jars back then. But, having so many bunnies getting in touch opened up our eyes. 

After researching, it took us only a couple of months to switch from making candles in glass jars to tins. This packing swap made the plastic freedom transition easier & dramatically reduced the need for protective materials. hey! we were 100% committed.

Now, in 2019, we avoid plastic packed supplies too. We even reduce our CO2 impact by bulk buying our supplies & booking specific delivery dates to avoid having the Royal mail bunny in our doorstep every morning. 

Buying from local producers sums up too. It helps local workers & reduce CO2 impact. Even though we went business card less in 2019, Our labels are printed in our home town. 

Now, we are constantly receiving positive reviews for our packing & messages from small makers trying to switch to plastic free packaging but can't find the right supplies. That's why we decided to create this simple Shopping list for plastic free packing supplies. 

Even though buying lovely supplies online from sustainable makers is exciting, we are aware that 'refusing, reusing & recycling' its the eco law. So, if you are ordering from us soon, you may receive a not so perfect delivery box, but, it will for sure be filled with tons of love. 

If there is an online shop you buy from that doesn't offer plastic free delivery, you can share this page followed by encouraging words. We would have appreciated a post like this one when we first started & we certainly listened to you all when you requested eco solutions. 

Shopping list for plastic free packing supplies:

- Protective material: If you own an online shop, we recommend you to invest on a cardboard shredder and up-cycle all your supply boxes to use them as protective material in your orders. We used to buy it before on amazon & it made no sense cause we were recycling tons of boxes and yet buying shredded boxes. Hope you like this idea. This is the shredder paper we use. It's strong enough for cardboard and never gets over heated. It take us three hours to shred enough cardboard for over a month of orders. When we first went plastic free, we used to spend £10 weekly on protective materials. So, this one it's monetary worth it & an amazing CO2 reducer hack. If you are looking for a different style, we have used biodegradable peanuts & they work amazing too, specially for delicate items. 

- Biodegradable confetti: Life is nothing without a bit of fantasy. We use Rose Gold Biodegradable confetti in most of our delivery parcels. It's acid free, biodegradable & cute. 

- Recycled Paper tape: there are many brands online making paper tape. Our favourite one for heavy parcels is from Tesa. It does seems expensive but each roll last for ages. It's unbleached, made mostly from recycled paper and it works. Totally worth it. If you need a less resistant tape to achieve a more aesthetic look, you can go for a 24 mm from eco-craft. We use it for retail orders that are up to 2 kg or so. It's cheaper and it works. Yay! If you need a tape to pack cards or lighter items below 200 grams, they also have it on a 19 mm presentation. 

- Protective White Newspaper pages: this is a mild protective paper completely acid free that works for fast packing. There is no need to cut piece by piece like in other highly protective packing paper like our favourite Kraft packing paper. 

- Acid Free Tissue paper: In case you want to decorate your parcels or wrap your items in tissue paper, make sure it's acid free. It's safer and compostable. We love to use White tissue paper on special orders. 

- Recycled/Recyclable padded envelopes: We love compostable and yet recycled supplies, they are a double win! 

- Delivery Boxes: you can find unbleached cardboard boxes everywhere, Make sure you get the self sealing boxes. It will save you money on tape and also will look cuter. 

- Glassine Bags: we found on ebay, after many fails, the cutest food grade glassine bags