Sustainable initiatives

Here at Vegan Bunny, we believe that you don’t have to be a big business to make a big impact. Charitable initiatives and sustainable ethics have always been important to us whether we sell one candle a day or one thousand. This company was built on a desire to do business better, to put ethics first. Read on to find out just how we do this.

The Carbon Negative dream

You may have heard about ‘carbon neutral’ where companies work to balance their carbon input and output. But we decided to go a step further and become a carbon positive company. This means that we have surpassed net zero carbon emissions and instead actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Here are some actions we have taken with carbon positivity in mind:

  • All our team members are subscribed to Tree Nation through Vegan Bunny for personal carbon offsetting.
  • We try to source our supplies as locally as possible: all of our supplies are purchased in the UK and most are made within Europe.
  • Our office is on the high street and all parcels are daily (three times a day actually!) dropped off at the depot on foot (aka walking) to reduce CO2.
  • We don’t like to order supplies too frequently, so we bulk buy most of these. This means buying most of them (boxes, jars, tins) only three times a year. Other supplies are ordered once a month. Definitely no daily parcels.
  • Instead of investing money in social marketing strategies, such as Facebook/Instagram ads, we use our social platforms to promote tree planting. As our followers share our content, we plant trees. You can see how many trees we’ve planted so far here.
  • Our website is carbon neutral, meaning we offset the CO2 our clients generate while browsing the site.

We really do think through every action and every process, constantly exploring creative ways to do things a bit better.

Fight climate change

In 2019, we partenered up with Ecotricity & Viva! The vegan charity to promote green energy in the U.K. Our printed packaging (postal boxes & flyers) feature information about Ecotricity's renewable green electricity. Every time one of our clients join Britain's greenest energy supplier, using our custom coupon code 'VEGANBUNNY', Ecotricity donates up to £60 to Viva!.

 Charity & Social impact

Giving back is hugely important to us and we donate 5% of our profits to Viva! Charity - the UK’s leading vegan campaigning charity which specialises in undercover investigations and high-profile animal campaigns. We’re very happy to support them and the work that they do.

We think that it’s important for businesses to support charities that align with their ethics. Whilst our donations may not seem massive compared to big corporations, it’s important to note that most big companies give less proportionally. According to a 2018 report, FTSE 100 companies typically gave only 2.4 per cent of their profits to charity.  Imagine how much better off charities would be if these companies all committed to 5%!

We are proud to donate 5% of our profits and have enjoyed seeing the amount we donate go up as our company grows.

Vegan + Cruelty Free

Vegan Bunny is proudly created from vegan ethics. So, naturally, all of our products are approved vegan and cruelty free by PETA.

Our ethics (and our amazing formulas) have helped us stand out against huge companies with vegan offerings. In 2018 we won Best Vegan Candle of the year in PETA’s Vegan Homeware Awards for our Ginger Soy candle. We were over the moon with the win, beating out competition from Ikea, The White Company, Habitat & Zara Home.

Plastic Free

Plastic waste is a huge issue, so we’ve worked hard to make Vegan Bunny a completely plastic-free, acid-free company. Throughout our business, one of our top priorities is sustainability - all of our products and supplies are recyclable and our delivery boxes and tape are compostable too.

Going plastic-free took a lot of hard work, but we don’t want that to put off other businesses from making the change. That’s why we wrote our Plastic Free Packaging Guide - a blog post all about our journey which includes our best tips and resources. Definitely a post we would have loved to have read before starting our journey!