The Team

Vegan Bunny is a very small community of dreamers, united by the love for furry animals and the dream of a better world.

We are mighty beings doing our best every day & enjoining the freedom to work on different projects that we feel passion about.

One thing unites us, transforming Vegan Bunny into a place where time stops for you to take care of your inner self and make mindfulness a priority.

Elisa ~ Founder
Hi! I'm the one writing this :)
I handle socials, marketing, act as art director & pack all the lovely orders as well. It's a lot to do for just one creature but I would not change it for the world.

Orianna Lubisco ~ Production 
'Sister' is a force of nature. She is always tidying the office, producing candles day by day & making the grass look greener.

Helena Rose ~ Photography
Talented & super cute being behind our magical photos. Helena's influence guides the brand day by day.

Harriet Langsbury - Stylist
Eco warrior, social fighter & professional in everything she does. Harriet takes our photography to the next level with her stylising and vision.