Hi! We're so glad that you are interested to know about our company!

We produce & sell handmade candles, that are Vegan, free from pesticides, herbicies & Genetically modified materials (GMM). Also all we produce is certified by Peta as Vegan & Cruelty free, making our company kind to every kind. Yay!

Are we stocked on stores near you?

We do have tried to be feature on High street stores as this is the fastest way to build a brand. The thing is, stores usually require around 2.5x profit plus Vat, because of the high fixed costs they need to cover. As we only use high quality materials to produce our candles, we can not reach those profit margins. So, You won't see us on the High street, but you will find us in every possible Vegan Event or Alternative Craft Fair we can attend around the UK, mostly in London. 

The magic ingredient of love is on every product we make. You would be amazed to know that love makes candles smoother and softer than the unloved machined made.

Wishing you a Bright day

Vegan Bunny Team