Reduce your Carbon Foot print

Hi magic creature, Hope you are having a good day!

You should feel proud of yourself for looking into ways to balance your impact in the world. 

An average human bunny in Europe creates nine tons of CO2 each year. It sounds like a big stat. But, if you consider that back in 2006 our emissions were nearly 20% higher, it is ok to pause this reading to do a happy dance for mother earth.
Yes, the efforts have paid off. Yes, there is still a long way to go & Yes, we can all help by creating healthy habits to take us further into a sustainable living path. 
Despite what some bunnies may think, there are effortless & inexpensive habits that will considerable help our planet.

Offsetting your CO2 it's a good way to help as you would be investing energy in compensating your gas emissions. But, sometimes it may feel like putting a band-aid in a untreated wound.
If we reduce our emissions & offset the remaining ones too, that's when the sustainable magic will happen.
Buying a reusable takeaway cup made with recycled coffee cups will give you a big score in the sustainability run only if you haven't got one already. Choosing wisely it's key. But, a sustainable life style shouldn't affect your budget either.

Check this Easy-peasy, Free & Effortless ideas to reduce your emissions inspired by the article '50 ideas for shrinking your carbon footprint'. Try to fit in the easier ones on your every day & take it step by step from there.
At some point, It will feel like a game where every bunny wins, even those that aren't playing.

In the house:
- Turn your thermostat down & put on an extra jumper
- Close your curtains at night to stop heat escaping
- Switch to a renewable electricity & gas supplier (Ecotricity it's the only U.K supplier recognised by The Vegan Society)
- Dry your clothes outside
- Load your washing machine to full capacity
- When buying electrical, choose them A-rated
- Switch to energy saver bulbs
- Take your phone charger out of the wall- Items left on standby can use up to 85% of the energy they would use if fully switched on. Turn them off at the wall
- Put he kettle on with the right amount of water
- Turn off the tap while cleaning your teeth.
- Defrost your fridge and freezer on a regular basis
- Have a shower instead of a bath
- Reuse the water of your tumble dryer to mop or water plants

- Invest in a reusable water bottle
- Buy Bulk Food in your local Zero waste shop
- Cool down food before put it in the fridge
- Defrost frozen food in the fridge
- Choose the Vegan option
- Buy locally produced organic food
- Eat less meat

Junk Mail & Promotional Materials: Inspired by Kate Arnell's Book: Six weeks to Zero waste
- Switch to paper free bank statement & bills
- Cancel phone directories & Catalogues
- Register with your local library
- Remove your details from the open register, Royal mail door to door opt out & Your choice

Choose carbon neutral products
Support ethical companies
Go Packaging free
When buying from small businesses, request plastic free Post & Packaging

- When driving Plan your journeys to avoid congestion
- Keep your boot clear of heavy objects, the heavier your car, the higher requirement of fuel

- Choose direct flights rather than stopping over
- Choose a train journey over flying
- Choose economy seats. Premium seats use unnecessary space

At the office
- Think before you print
- If printing, print double sided
- Share a lift to get to work
- Turn off your computer monitor when you leave the office