Vegan Gifts Ideas

Need to get a gift for a vegan? If you’re not one yourself, the rules of the vegan world can be quite overwhelming. Box of chocolates? Best be dairy free. Beauty hamper? Better not be tested on animals. A pair of new shoes? Hope that’s not leather… Honestly, veganism seeps into every corner of life, which can make vegan gift giving a bit tricky.

Although most vegans would graciously thank you for any gift you get them, anything that doesn’t align with their ethics will likely be passed on to someone else or the nearest charity shop. So if you want to get them a gift that they’ll truly enjoy and make them appreciate the effort you’ve put in, read on for 10 gift ideas for vegans.


Letterbox brownies

If the vegan you’re buying for has a sweet tooth, look no further than Cake or Death who send delicious vegan brownies through the post. These brownies fit comfortably through the letterbox for fuss free delivery and are fudgey, indulgent and moreish. So good in fact that even a non-vegan would love this vegan gift.

Flavours include peanut butter, salted caramel, biscoff and plenty more. They even have a gluten-free option for those with further dietary requirements.


A big, ethical bouquet

Yes, of course regular flowers are vegan too, but for a bit of extra effort look to grab them a bouquet from the UK’s most ethical florist Arena Flowers. This florist really prioritises making their international and domestic supply chain kinder to people and the environment. Part of how they do this includes working directly with Fairtrade farms and minimising the environmental impact of their packaging (bye single use plastics!).

They have plenty of bouquets to choose from, including those specially created to say ‘happy birthday’, ‘thinking of you’ and ‘never far away’.


Vegan cookbooks

Any new vegans will always appreciate a good vegan cookbook to help them with inspiration in the kitchen. In fact, these are good gifts for anyone wanting to introduce a few more plant based meals into their week. Here are some great vegan cookbooks to check out:

  • If the vegan you’re buying for is also gluten-free, treat them to any of the Deliciously Ella cookbooks which are vegan, gluten-free and also full of simple, healthy recipes.
  • One Pot Vegan is the perfect cookbook for those that are a bit lazier in the kitchen and like quick recipes with minimal washing up, but still want to make delicious, healthy meals.
  • For vegan dishes packed full of Caribbean and West African flavours, check out Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats which is full of easy yet vibrant recipes.


Plastic-free, vegan candles

Candles - usually considered a safe gift choice - are annoyingly not always vegan (more on that here). Fortunately, Vegan Bunny has you covered. Not only are all of their candles vegan, they also have a huge variety of scents to choose from. Some of their bestselling candles include their uplifting Ginger & Lemongrass, their relaxing Chai Latte and their calming Lavender. My favourite? The romantic floral Rose Blossom candle.

Even better, they’re a plastic-free candle brand so even the most eco-conscious vegan would love a Vegan Bunny candle.


Non-Leather Watches

Non-leather doesn’t have to mean cheap, faux leather. These days there are plenty of high quality options for vegans, including the watches from Votch. Instead of using leather as we know it, they use leather alternatives made from fruit. This includes Piñatex, a by-product from the pineapple harvest, and AppleSkin, a material made from residual apple juice fibres.

Votch watches have a classic, timeless style and they have plenty of options for both men and women - making them a great place to head to secure a vegan present.


Vegan perfume swaps

Unfortunately, most leading perfume brands will either use animal-derived ingredients or have animal testing policies that make them non cruelty-free. The good news though? There are still plenty of vegan perfume brands to shop from:

  • Surprise them with a dupe of their old favourite perfume from Eden Perfumes - the Brighton perfumery that creates vegan dupes of popular perfumes
  • Find an extensive, quirky collection of vegan perfumes at Lush - most stores have a perfume section these days so you can have a sniff before you buy
  • Floral Street has a gorgeous collection of floral vegan perfumes and discovery sets to choose between


Vegan cheese

We may not like to admit it, but most vegan cheeses don’t quite hit the spot. If you’re buying for an ex-cheese fanatic vegan, treat them to some fancy artisan vegan cheeses from I Am Nut Ok. They put their not cheeses through a process of fermentation and ageing before giving them extra notes of flavour with plant based herbs and spices - giving all their products a strong, unique flavour.

I Am Nut Okay has a big, flavoursome collection of vegan cheeses including alternatives to feta, ricotta and parmesan.


B Corp Jewellery

If you’re looking to buy jewellery, head for an ethical option like Yala. Not only are they a certified B Corp - meaning that they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability - they also use ethically sourced materials which are often recycled too. My top recommendation? Their easy-to-wear, zero-waste, super affordable £35 brass pendant.

They aren’t a fully vegan company, as they use surplus dead-stock leather in some pendants and trinket trays, so watch out for that when you’re ordering!


Vegan Leather Snack Pouch

The perfect vegan gift for anyone that loves sustainable, reusable products: a  faux-leather snack pouch. This chic pouch is perfect for carrying around sandwiches or snacks. It’s easy to clean too, just shake out crumbs between uses and - when it needs a wash - it can be laundered with your normal load. The texture will change a bit over time though - the pouch will soften and become easier to handle with each wash.


Hope you’ve found this vegan gifts guide helpful and have found the perfect gift for the vegan in your life.


Article by:  Nicole Whittle 

Instagram: @Veganbeautygirl