Vegan Meringues (GF)

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Vegan Meringues handmade in London using Chickpea aquafaba, natural colouring & flavours. Gluten Free.

Delicious & Super cute box of 25 g Aprox 26 meringues.

Blue Meringues: Candy Floss Flavoured Meringues. Presented on an intense Indigo obtained from beetroot powder & butterfly pea pigment.

Pink Meringues: Raspberry Meringues naturally coloured in soft pink. Sweet & cheeky flavour.

White Meringues: Vanilla Meringues in a soft white colour. Delicious & classic flavour. 


Why choose us?

We care for you & the planet

Even though we are a family own brand still working from our garden studio, we make every candle with love and high quality ingredients that does not compromise our planet sustainability. We are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint, source ingredients locally and planting new trees to around the green & blue.